Webpage neutralization

I./ Please fill in the following information for the neutralization of your webpage. Afterwards, you will receive a prepayment request, based on which you will be able to pay the selected amount through a bank transfer, or directly through Paypal.

II./ Afterwards you will receive an AUTHENTICATION OF THE NEUTRALIZATION, and an icon, that you will be able to place on your website, and you will receive the invoice as well, which you can send to your accountant.

III./ Meanwhile, your Website will be neutralized.


Webpage neutralization - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffset


The registration includes:

By the means of the CO2 reduction of the project, the offsetting is equal to one year worth of CO2 emission of your webpage.
You will be able to use the icon on your webpage (color and size can be set).

Webpage neutralization - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffset

You will receive a certificate for your environment friendly webpage that can be displayed on your website (for example).
The certificate is available several languages.
You will contribute to the climate protection project.
You will be able to ask for free technical support.
Your website will be listed at several network places of ours, which will allow visitors to get more familiar with your website.
Free support will be provided for you to optimize your webpage energy-wise.