The Website Carbon Neutralizing Project is an internet sustainability initiative that calculates the carbon footprint of websites, and provides suggestions and services that essentially eliminate the carbon footprint of the web presence of a company or organization.


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Become a carbon neutral website owner, join the network that’s making the internet greener one website at a time.

Information - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetDistinguish your brand
Get ahead of the competition and engage with users on a really important issue.
Information - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetIncrease your traffic
It has the ability to enhance the visitor’s loyalty and commitment, and it also improves search rankings.
Information - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetReducing GHG emissions from your site
Fully neutralize your CO2 emissions from your website and storage space.

Did you know?

The Internet causes the same amount of air pollution per year as the entire aviation industry.


The Website Neutralization helps you in the following three things:

Information - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetPeople
Web Site Neutralization offers a variety of tools and materials to help the environmentally friendly company, customers and users in the donor process, and share the sustainability efforts of the company.
Information - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetPlanet
An average size web site emits 2132 kg CO2e per year. According to the EPA, this corresponds to the consumption of 240 liters of petrol. This program neutralizes this footprint!
Information - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetProfit
Website Carbon Neutralization works with the company to speed up its website’s loading time, reduce energy consumption, and improve SEO to turn your site into a real conversion system.


How do buyers see sustainable businesses?
70% of buyers would be willing to pay more for a product that is known to be environmentally friendly.

How does the world see sustainable businesses?
93% of global citizens give a more positive picture of a company that supports social or environmental issues.

How do consumers see sustainable businesses?
88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues.

How can potential workers see sustainable businesses?
According to 70% of the millennials, a company’s commitment to the environment influences their decision to work there.

How can potential workers see sustainable businesses?
65% of them seriously considers leaving their work if their company damages the environment.


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