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Herbow International Zrt. |

Herbow International Zrt. | | Wesite Carbon Offset„Herbow does not promise miracles, only tangible results.”

Herbow International Zrt, Which already has a serious reputation and has been proven in the field of environmental protection, has not stopped, and its website, which also functions as a web store, has been carbon neutralized in accordance with the 2020 traffic data.

This means the next step for them to achieve real sustainability.

GreenLove gardening webshop – Székesfehérvár

GreenLove gardening webshop - SzékesfehérvárGreenlove Ltd. is a positive business where the leader is happy that his company can be part of the decarbonization process! It is clear not only from their activities but also from their communication that they are promoting a “green” mindset. They are also setting an example of responsible thinking on climate change to their customers and competitors by doing business through a carbon neutral website. Here, not only they, but also their customers are indirectly carbon neutral during their browsing and shopping experience.

Roobycon Consulting

Roobycon Consulting | Wibsite Carbon Offset„Crossing the Rubicon” – in a number of languages this idiom refers to an important and irrevocable decision. It refers to what and how we are going to do now and in the future.

All decisions include some risks on the one hand and opportunities on the other. These cases make it necessary for us to continuously obtain information, learn and cultivate ourselves, which after all means life long learning, realized in our everyday life. It is our aim and priority to improve particularly those personal skills which are required for making “good” decisions, and to help people who turn to us for such an aid.

KOJAK lollipop – Sweet-Food

KOJAK lollipop - Sweet-Food - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetSweet-Food Kft – the producer of the traditional “KOJAK lollipop” – is committed to the protection of our environment in the interest of the sustainability of our Earth. We find it important to leave behind a livable planet for our kids and grandkids.

KOJAK lollipop - Sweet-Food - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffset


Idea Fontana Graphic Studio

Idea Fontana Graphic Studio - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetA lot of positive thoughts came to our minds, when we were thinking about how we could implement the environmental approach, the same lifestyle that we live by and act on every day, into our company – Idea Fontana Kft. – The most important fact is that we do this in order to be able to live in a better and cleaner world both now and in the future.

Réthy Fashion

Rethy-Fashion | Carbon Neutral WesiteThis enterprise aims to fully achieve recycling through its activity. It is basic for their products that the use of recycled jeans materials cannot be seen; they must create the effect of a new one.

The collected jeans materials are cleaned, processed, the colours are selected, tailored, sewed, but they are dreamed up before all that. Their simple lines and the smooth decorations show that with a little attention beautiful and harmonious things can be created.

Ferenc Pince Csárda – Tihany

Ferenc Pince Csárda - Tihany - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffset

The Ferenc Pince Csárda has committed itself towards environmental protection and takes the challenges caused by global warming seriously. The Csárda can be justly proud of being the first to carbon neutralize its business – that is famous for its catering – in Tihany.
Since the end of the 17th century, the ancient wince cellar, the respect and love towards the grapes and the wine is passed down from one generation to another. Their family business – which deals with wine-making and catering – rests on this legacy, They produce their wine exclusively in the historical Balatonfüred-Csopak wine-growing region, which has a unique taste and smell thanks to the wonderful weather around lake Balaton.

Fox Autorent

Fox Autorent - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetFox Autorent - iCC - WebSite CarbonOffsetFOX Autorent is the leading independent Hungarian car rental company. Founded in 1988 we are most probably also the oldest car rental company in Hungary still active today. Starting only with 6 cars, FOX Autorent had soon grown its fleet to over 600 vehicles.